"First time I saw STRAFE® I vomitted, Second time I vomitted again, third time I played for hours!" - Brad Fombelle

What's STRAFE®?

Secrets? Like ammo hidden under stairs?


STRAFE® looks so real? How were you able to achieve this?

Is STRAFE® safe for my kids to play?



STRAFE® is a multiplayer arena shooter... right?


Can I mod STRAFE®?



When will STRAFE® Be available?


How many hundreds of dollars will this groundbreaking game cost?

STRAFE® is a fast paced FPS that focuses on SPEED, GIBS, AND SECRETS. STRAFE® utilizes procedural elements so that players never have to put it down!


Real secrets, like secret rooms, monster closets, secret levels, secret weapons, etc.


FUTURE TECH! We're just a small humble team of mad geniuses with high standards and an obligation to push the limits of technology.


Yeah! IF YOU HATE YOUR KIDS. STRAFE® is ultra-violent and in't safe for most adults (the elderly and those with weak immune systems) We recommend a buddy system when playing STRAFE®


For your safety STRAFE® is a single player only experience with a focus on being endlessly replayable.


No plans for modability at the moment. We don't believe that people yet have access to the technology and knowledge base that is required to make such realistic environments.


We are releasing May 9th on PC | MAC | PS4.


Subsidized by the United States government we've been able to bring the price of STRAFE® down to a measly $19.96



DISCLAIMER: The STRAFE® team is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injury or temporary loss of sanity while playing STRAFE®. Any and all participants assume joint and personal responsibility for general safety while experiencing hyper realistic graphics and gameplay. We recommend protective gear such as a DOT approved helmet or sunglasses with significant UV protection. All participants hereby certify they are physically fit and have sufficiently trained to handle a game with this much "beef". If an accident does occur please contact our third party safety department at your earliest convenience.