"STRAFE® may have cost me my job, my family and friends but we all have to make a few sacrifices to become the best!" - Steve Raney



Oct 2nd, 2017


May 9th, 2017


April 2, 2017


Sept 8, 2016


Aug 19, 2016


March 3,2016


Feb 19, 2016


Feb 16, 2016


WELCOME TO THE NEW MILLENNIUM! STRAFE®'s MASSIVE Millennium Edition update is out!



STRAFE® IS OUT! Watch the sick trailer for STRAFE® the movie.


STRAFE® will be released MAY 9th for $19.96 on PC | MAC and $19.99 on PS4.


Check out the videos detailing the upgrades for STRAFE®'s weapons! We have 1 more in the works for the railgun.

SMG Primary / SMG Secondary / Shotgun Primary / Shotgun Secondary / Railgun Primary


We just shot a new live action video, keep an eye out for it early next year! sneak peek



STRAFE® is happy to announce that Devolver Digital is our new Dad.


Today is the anniversary of our Kickstarter campaigns end. We made this video to say Thanks to our backers for their support.



PIXEL TITANS E-PARTY IN 3 DAYS! Gameplay stream, new video, and STRAFE keyboard giveaway. Share the invite [NO SCRUBS ALLOWED]



DISCLAIMER: The STRAFE® team is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injury or temporary loss of sanity while playing STRAFE®. Any and all participants assume joint and personal responsibility for general safety while experiencing hyper realistic graphics and gameplay. We recommend protective gear such as a DOT approved helmet or sunglasses with significant UV protection. All participants hereby certify they are physically fit and have sufficiently trained to handle a game with this much "beef". If an accident does occur please contact our third party safety department at your earliest convenience.